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Helping clients achieve immediate results is what sets me apart from other therapists. The most consistent complaint clients have is they have spent months or years in therapy without significant improvement. Every counseling session attended without clearly identifiable growth and learned skills, sends the message that nothing will help.Helping clients find and achieve solutions instantly and gain control over their lives, health and problems is the primary goal of therapy. Success in treating most problems an adult or child could experience is my objective. Give me the opportunity to share with you how I can help.



My forte is a faith based marriage/family counseling process with emphasis upon a systems perspective of family dynamics. I am a LCSW certified in NLP with an MBA. This blend of education and experience allows me to offer a strong theoretical support and life experience to my clients who are seeking to improve their family as well as their personal development/growth. I use an eclectic blend of therapeutic processes that include but not limited to RT (Reality Therapy) CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) SFT (Solution-Focused Therapy) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

My goal is to address marital and personal issues that overwhelm and entrench the individual or family. My success stems from candid and forthright message regarding relational hope and love with an emphasis on behavior modification.

Blended and traditional families benefit significantly from my approach. In today's culture, family, regardless of it's structure, needs understanding and support. Strong faith based relationships offer a significant support system for individual and family success.




As humans we were created with the miraculous ability to endure, heal and grow, even in the most adverse circumstances and conditions. We are committed to providing quality behavioral health care to individuals, couples or families wanting to make changes, and willing to utilize their unique resources to overcome their own challenges. Often times our various struggles cause us to lose focus and lack the ability to find our strengths, talents and purpose. We consider it a privilege to work with patients to find clarity and renewed strength to face their life circumstances.

“I absolutely LOVE Jessica! She was such a huge, important part of turning my life around!"-Anonymous 2016



“Jessica was attentive and trustworthy. I appreciate the help she provided me and my family."


It was a breath of fresh air working with Alan. His authentic and matter of fact approach helps address the issue at hand so that you can truly deal with it, and move forward. He takes your progress personally, and really cares that you make headway with whatever you are dealing with. It doesn't matter what area of life is bringing you stress, Alan is well versed to move you through it and truly pluck the weed from the root instead of putting a band aid on the situation. It is refreshing to work with someone that cares so deeply for his clients. I would highly recommend Alan!





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